The Gaslight Anthem // at The Trocadero

This is a "double" show poster I created for the Gaslight Anthem's 2 nights of shows at The Trocadero here in Philly... Actually they are two separate posters, one for each o night, but put together the posters become one large double poster! 17"x 48" featuring both events. The concept behind it was to create two mirror a-symmetrical poster that when hung together would create a new, larger symmetrical poster.

I hand pulled this limited edition screen print using two ink colors, semi-transparent metallic gray and Matte Black, on high quality archival 17"x24" 100lb French Paper. I printed these on 3 different color papers The majority of the run was printed on French Paper Brand 100lb "Aged Newsprint", then printed a limited number on both "Factory Green" and "Steel Blue" French Paper. Each print is signed and numbered out of 60.

The individual poster for the October 19th show (right side)

The individual poster for the October 18th show (left side).