Fanboy Fanticide // Illustration and Limited Edition Screen Print

I created this Illustration / Limited edition screen print for the "All the Colors of he Dark" invitational art opening this October in Philadelphia which features artists making prints related to the Gindhouse/B-Movie genre's. This is a sort-of portrait (my amplified view) of the average grindhouse/exploitation movie enthusiast. I didn't want to make another "fan movie poster" or an ode to any one specific movie (although if I confess to having Cannibal Holocaust in mind). The specific reason for my picking the fan as my subject is that grindouse, exploitation and more broadly "B-movie horror" cult classics have come to represent more than just a genre of film making- they are now a sort of "symbol" of counter culture of OUR generation- one generation removed in most cases from the movies themselves. This print- like other similar prints I create- speak to and come from the same counter that has become synonymous with these movies. To me, "All the Colors of the Dark" is a showcase of that culture- and in my mind this print aims to please to the people of that movement.

Here is a close up view of the final color artwork and in line with some of my past illustrations, I used "blown up" and over-printed halftone dots to create a saturated range of colors. This is actually a 5 color screen print - Yellow, Lime green iridescent, bright blue, hot pink and black. All layers (except for Black) are transparent- allowing for the "color mixing on paper" effect. The paper is 19"x25" 120lb cougar bright white cover stock. Its the "whiter than white" paper that makes bright colors extra bright... signed and numbered run of 75!

This is the ink drawing I created based on the original pencil drawing. This is about 10"x 15"

This is the original pencil drawing that jump started the whole process. This is about 5"x 5"