Less Than Jake, "Younger Lungs" Shirt Design.

This design is totally inspired by the Less Than Jake song Younger Lungs. What I drew from that song was the notion of looking back on life, specifically at the pissed off young and idealistic kid I used to be. It also points out that these qualities or faults (depending on perspective) are still present in our personalities and daily activities. The design features a chaotic collage of (literally) cut and paste type, patterns and three old pipe photographs found in an issue of Playboy from the late 1960's. The practice of appropriating imagery from obscure sources (like playboy adverts of the 1960s) is also a reference to the reckless impermanence of my teenage years, specifically how I would re contextualize images from unlikely sources into fliers for punk rock shows that I was throwing or playing at. It didn't matter where the source image came from, as long as I could twist it's meaning to serve the purpose my immediate needs as a fledgling designer.