"One and Done" - ( Megaman Tribute ) Original Illustration & Screen Print

This is an original illustration & screen print I created for a group art opening with the theme "Video Game Gore", Hosted by The Autumn Society and Brave New World comics in Old City, Philadelphia. I've posted the process here as well as the outcome. The first (rough) pencil sketch is the upper right drawing, the final pencil art is the bottom (larger) one.

The print I made turned out incredible. its a 7 color, 19"x25" screen print. Printed on French Paper. Signed & Numbered edition of 50...

7 Color Screen Print:
1) 25% gray
2) Skin tone
3) Metallic Light to Dark Gray Split Fountain (floor color)
4) Dark Blue
5) Light Blue
6) Red
7) Matte Black